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ON November 19, 2015

Ordering & Building a Swing Set from Walmart.com


We recently bought a new home with a big backyard for our “busy” son to have more room to wear himself out.  Here in Las Vegas, most backyards are quite small. We actually had to move out of Summerlin to be able to afford a bigger house with a sizeable backyard (a post I need to write in more detail about in the future).
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Of course with all our new yard space to landscape, one of our goals was to get a swing set.  I started looking around and was blown away by the prices you could pay for a backyard swing set.  The pricing range was drastic, from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

The best pricing I found was on Walmart.com. I was able to find a larger wooden swing set for a relatively low price.

I read the reviews for a bunch of the various play sets and they weren’t overly negative; in fact many were quite positive.  So I decided to take the plunge and order a set.

I didn’t end up with the set I originally ordered and after a series of shipping issues, I finally ended up with the “Montpelier Cedar Wooden Swing Set” (Model: #30211) which turns out to be made by the company Backyard Discovery (There are multiple manufactures that make similar looking swing sets sold on Walmart.com; something to be aware of when reading reviews and choosing which set order).

I put the whole swing set together, while taking notes and pictures along the way, and I will be writing a series of posts reviewing my entire experience.

I plan to include articles on purchasing from Walmart.com, my own assembly capabilities, and my experience with Backyard Discovery, the swing set manufacturer - including their customer service and my thoughts on their swing set assembly instructions, as well as tips and trick to help you successfully complete building the project.

My goal with these articles will be to help a reader decide if you have the time, capability and desire to put one of these projects together.  And if you do decide to assemble one of the swing sets yourself, I hope my tips will save you from potential pitfalls while helping you complete the assembly faster, with less frustration.

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