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ON June 23, 2019

VicTsing Filterless Cool-Vapor Humidifier Review


The air can get quite dry when living in the desert, especially in the summer. I recently purchased a "Homasy VicTsing Upgraded Humidifiers with Filter Impurities Stone, 3L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Baby Bedroom, Large Vaporizer Humidifying Unit with Whisper-Quiet & Auto Shut-Off Protection" from Amazon and found it work very well. This post is my review on that VicTsing filterless cool-vapor humidifier.

Dry Desert Air

Living in the dry desert air of Las Vegas, Nevada, our family is often in need of a little extra humidity. Our son had horrific and (seemingly) constant sinus infections when he was under three years old.

Traditional Wicking Humidifier

In the past, when in need of a humidifier, I would take a quick drive over to Walmart and purchase a traditional wicking humidifier (similar to this "Vicks V3900 Germ Free Cool Moisture Humidifier" on Amazon). And of course, I'd need to get a few humidifier filters to go with it.

The humidifiers were always cheap and would typically work for a month or two before they would no longer emit moisture into the air. I could usually get about two weeks out of each filter before each would be covered in mold.

Wicking Humidifier Cost

With the humidifier costing about around $30-$40 and each filter costing around $8 each, I wasn't very happy with the purchase. The up-front cost wasn't bad, but I was basically spending $16/month just on the wicking filters.

Recently, when my wife started having issues breathing at night during her pregnancy, the doctor suggested she sleep with a humidifier next to her.

Researched Filterless Humidifiers

I did some searching online and found filter-less humidifiers were now a pretty plentiful product. At first inspection of these filter-less humidifiers, I was pretty skeptical. Many of the reviews said they didn't work very well and would get moldy quite fast. But I was tired of having to continually purchase filters for the wicking humidifiers which had terrible mold issues themselves, so I figured I'd give a filterless model a try.

Purchase VicTsing Filterless Cool Vapor Humidifier

I purchased the "Homasy VicTsing Upgraded Humidifiers with Filter Impurities Stone, 3L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Baby Bedroom, Large Vaporizer Humidifying Unit with Whisper-Quiet & Auto Shut-Off Protection " humidifier from Amazon about a month and a half ago.

VicTSing Filterless Cool Vapor Humidifier Cost

The price of the VicTsing Filterless Cool Vapor Humidifier at the time I purchased was around $45. And since there are no filters to purchase, that $45 is the final cost over the life of the product. If this filterless humidifier only lasts you a few months, you still save money over purchasing a wicking humidifier which requires regular purchases of replacement filters.

It's a pretty simple device consisting of three main parts. The tank, stem (with "anti-bacterial stones") and top diffuser:

VicTsing filterless humidifier pieces

When I first filled the filterless humidifier with water, plugged it in and turned it on, I was pretty impressed with the amount of vapor that came out of the machine.

VicTsing filterless humidifier vapor

It's been running perfectly for about 45 days at this point. A single fill lasts about 10 hours. Here is a video of the VicTsing filter-less cool vapor humidifier in action:

Cleaning the VicTsing Filterless Cool Vapor Humidifier

After those 45 days, I just cleaned it for the first time. It had a little bit of some orange-ish gunk on the inside the barrel of the stem. I'm guessing it was this type of mold.

VicTsing filterless Humidifier Orange Mold inside

I was able to wipe the orange stuff onto a paper towel without much effort. It was a little cumbersome to get at all the moldy spots as some of them were down the tube and back up another shaft, which was hard to get my finger into.

VicTsing filterless Humidifier orange mold wiped out

Ultimately I got it pretty clean (its not fully cleaned in the picture above).

The float in the tube had a little of the orange mold on it as well and it was also hard to get at, but I just had to use a brush to push the float up from the bottom of the so that I could clean it from the top.

VicTsing filterless humidifier cleaning float

Amazon Reviews

Some of the reviews for the VicTsing filterless humidifier on Amazon reported that these types of filterless humidifiers were prone to getting mold right away and the mold would not come out. This obviously was not my experience. I ran my VicTsing filterless cool-vaper humidifier for a month and a half, got a little mold, but was able to fairly easily wipe it out.

Other Amazon Reviews stated it quit working after a month or so of operation. I'm guessing the motor burned out. That might have something to do with not letting the tank get below the minimum (maybe the extra water keeps the motor cool). We only run our humidifier at night. I'm guessing those that had issues may have been running it 24/7.

Using Purified Water

Note that I only use purified water in the humidifier which cuts down on any potential bacteria or water hardness. Out here in Las Vegas, we don't drink water from the tap and there are water stores all over the place. I regularly go to a water store and fill up our five-gallon water containers. We have about six of them, so I just use water from that supply. The VicTsing filterless humidifier takes about a half gallon of water to fill it up.

Also, note that I follow the instructions for the device which states not fill it over the "max fill" line and not to let it run below the "min fill" line. I don't know if that helps with mold issues or simply helps increase the longevity of the product.


I'll continue to update this post as to how long the VicTsing filterless cool vapor humidifier lasts, but at this point, I would definitely recommend this product. It works very well and produces plenty of cool mist vapor and does a decent job of adding humidity to a room.

The VicTsing filterless humidifier has already saved me money in that I haven't had to pay for costly replacement filters, as would be required by continual operation of a wicking humidifier system.

If my VicTsing filterless humidifier only lasts another two weeks, it will already have been cheaper than if I had purchased a wicking humidification system. So I'm quite happy with my purchase.

If you tried the VicTsing or any other filter-less cool vapor humidifier systems, please let me know about your experience in the comments below.

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