Terry Caliendo

ON October 20, 2014

How to get Sirius/XM Satellite Radio for under $5/month


I have been a Sirius/XM customer since I purchased my Hyundai Santa Fe over 3 years ago.  With the purchase of the car, I was given a free trial of XM (they hadn't merged yet).

I don't remember how long the free trial was for, but when it ended I was to start paying whatever the "market" price was per month and the amount, added along with all our other bills, was just too much.

So I called to cancel and ended up talking them down to their lowest promotional price of just $20 per month ($22 with taxes and fees).

siruisxm_radioSince then, every 5 months I call and tell them I want to cancel unless they offer me the same deal I had the previous 5 months.

Every time, they first offer me a "special promotional price" of $89 for 1 year.  And every time, I say, "No thank you, that's too much.  If you can't give me the $20 for 5 months price, I just going to go ahead and cancel." And every time, they suddenly find that special price that, including taxes and fees, comes to under $5 per month.

I do have to pay the full amount right then on the phone with a credit card each time.

And I don't get any of the premium channels like Oprah or Howard Stern, but I don't want them.

Also note that they don't send you anything after the 5 months when you agree to your price going back to the "market" price.  So I always set my calendar to remind me to call and repeat the process a few days before the renewal price starts.

I also always have the genuine attitude that if they don't offer me the $5/month price, I really will cancel, so I'm not bluffing.  That may help.

I'm a pretty good negotiator that way, and its how I bought my fully loaded Hyundai Santa Fe for $30,000, which was about $6,000 under the window sticker price and $2,000 under invoice.

My car buying/negotiation skills seem to be pretty spectacular, and at some time I'll have to blog the story of how I bought my Santa Fe for an unbelievable price of $2,000 under invoice (most people are glad to get the invoice price or $1,000 over).

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