Terry Caliendo

ON September 29, 2018

What happened to the 10 year chart in the iPhone Stocks app on IOS 12? Your Answer is Here


When I first updated my iPhone to Apple's iOS 12.0, I was frustrated that I couldn't rotate my iPhone to horizontal mode to get the bigger stock chart on Apple's native Stocks app where I could (previously) change the time range for the stock chart to 5 and 10 years.

Then I realized, though rotating your phone will no longer get you a full screen chart, the 10 year chart is its still available... you simply have to swipe left on the time range bar.

New iPhone iOS 12 stocks app range adjustment

Swiping left on the iPhone stocks app time range bar will reveal the 10 year chart option as well as a new "ALL" option.

New iPhone iOS 12 stocks app reveal 10 year and ALL range

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