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ON October 2, 2015

Touchstone Living - Las Vegas Home Builder Review


My wife and I purchased a new home from Touchstone Living, a privately owned Las Vegas home builder, in June of 2015. Our house is just North of Lone Mountain on the North West side of Las Vegas.

From what I've gathered (via email addresses and conversations) Touchstone Living is some sort of subsidiary of Mariner development.  It's president, Tom McCormick was the president of the company back when it was named Astoria Homes.

The builder positions itself as a special builder that "does things differently from rivals, working to bring housing types and neighborhoods that are nowhere else." (Reference)

I plan to write an in-depth review of my experience with Touchstone from my initial email inquiry to their sales team through my first year of home-ownership warranty.

I have had some good experiences and some bad experiences with this home builder that I want to make sure is available to those looking for more information on this home builder.

Touchstone Living has gone through some drastic changes since I purchased my home from them.  My initial experience was very good, but it went down hill a few months after my purchase when my sales person and the handyman/service rep both left the company (from my conversations with them, I could tell they were both very frustrated with the company before they left).

I've talked to my neighbors who also purchased from Touchstone and gathered their experiences as well.  And lately I'm having multiple conversations each month with both potential, committed and finalized Touchstone home-buyers and I feel I have a good pulse on the market, what's happening with this company, the quality of their homes, and how the company is treating its customers.

So definitely contact me and ask questions - I guarantee you'll learn a ton from talking to me!  (And I'll learn from you such that I can do my best to help others make more informed buying decisions as well.)

If you've never purchased a newly constructed, read my post on my experience about how buying a new home from a home builder may not be what you expect.

I also wrote a related article about the new subdivision that Touchstone is developing at Ft. Apache and Lone Mountain (which needs an update at this point as they are now building heavily on those lots).


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    1. From what I know, they sub-contract all the parts of the house to individual contractors. And from what I've seen the subcontractors are using lower and lower quality materials.

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