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ON May 22, 2014

The Best Piano Movers in Las Vegas


Steinway Grand Piano moved and set up by the best piano local piano movers in Las Vegas

My wife and I were recently had a Steinway & Sons grand piano shipped from Seattle to here in Las Vegas.  We used a national shipper, who it turns out is actually a middle man who trucks the piano across the country, but contracts the pick up and drop off to local piano movers.

When the piano arrived here in Las Vegas, I watched the local movers complete the delivery of the piano into our Summerlin home.

I was amazed that only two guys could move a grand piano so easily.  They were fast, efficient, and very cautious of the piano itself.   They worked very well as a team communicating every movement to each other and planning the bigger moves ahead of time.

Las Vegas' Best Local Piano Movers taking grand piano off the delivery van

They rolled the piano body and box of accessories up to the house easily navigating up a step in the front walk way and another step at the front door.  Rolling the piano up to the house and up the steps was nearly one long swift movement.  They never stopped and had complete control of the piano the entire time.  It was like they were using momentum as their best friend.  It was really great to watch.

Before the piano movers took the piano off the van, I could see it was very well protected and highly fastened to the delivery van.  They first removed the piano bench, legs, and accessories, which were in a well padded crate box with wheels.  Then they unfastened the piano body and took it off the van with precision movements that were literally stunning to watch.


Never did I feel they were even coming close to mishandling or potentially damaging the piano.

As they set up the piano, I asked a lot of questions and they were very friendly and honest when answering them.  They were very courteous the entire time they were in the house.

If you are in need of a local Las Vegas Piano Mover, contact me and I'll give you the name of the best piano movers in Las Vegas!


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  1. I am moving my family a few states over. This is the first time I will be moving my family. I have moved before but that was when I was single and didn't have any kids. We have a grand piano and I am nervous about moving it because i want it to be safe. Is there any good movers that anyone could recommend to me?

    Hannah | http://www.frankandsonsmovingandstorage.com/

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