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ON October 26, 2015

D-Link: Certificate Has Been Revoked - Java Video Viewer Not Working


A while back, I posted a How-To / Review on my D-Link DCS-5020L IP Camera, which I set up as a baby monitor.

I primarily view the camera on my iPhone using a free IP camera app I found, but sometimes try to view the camera from my laptop as I work in my office.

Not too long ago, the D-Link built-in Java camera viewer quit working and I started getting the message "Certificate has been revoked. The application will not be executed".

d-link certificate has been revoked java video viewer

At that time, I searched around and found that others were having similar issues (I didn't capture the link to the forum post that was popular about it, but wish I had so I could link to it).

However, I recently saw a story that D-Link accidentally publicly published it private code-signing keys on the internet, so I'm guessing that's probably exactly why their certificate has been revoked in the Java app.

Its been a couple months, so I'm betting that D-Link has put out new firmware to rectify the problem, but I haven't had a chance to look for a solution or try upgrading the firmware.

Until I have a chance if you come across this article and find the solution, please post it in the comments.


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