Terry Caliendo

ON December 29, 2012

Can dogs eat Pineapple? & Are there consequences?!


My dog Keena eating Pineapple (flatulence ensues)So I read online (this article) that dogs can eat pineapple. It went on further to explain that vets actually recommend feeding your dog pineapple if it eats it own poop.

So we tried giving her some. We gave her about 6 small pieces. We went on vacation the next day and boarded her, so we haven't had a chance to find out if it works to keep her from eating her own poop.

However, I can say that she had some powerful flatulence that night! She blew both me and my lovely wife off the couch, not once, but twice! It actually stung our noses and we literally had to get out of the room until it dissipated.

We just got back and I just gave her two small pieces of pineapple, figuring I'd work it into her diet a little more slowly.

I'm really not expecting it to keep her from eating her poop, but I'll update if she does stop.


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